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The downloaded package contains all 10 videos plus 4 bonus videos. You will also be receive the documents:Elite Nutrition Plan, Fitness Guide, and Insanity Workout Calendar.

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Lists of All Videos from Insanity Workout Download

Video Number Video name Duration Video Format
Video 1 Dig Deeper & Fit Test 30 minutes avi/mp4
Video 2 Plyometric Cardio Cirsuit 40 minutes avi/mp4
Video 3 Cardio Power & Resistance 40 minutes avi/mp4
Video 4 Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery 80 minutes avi/mp4
Video 5 Pure Cardio & Abs 40 minutes avi/mp4
Video 6 Cardio Abs 20 minutes avi/mp4
Video 7 Core Cardio & Balance 40 minutes avi/mp4
Video 8 Max Interval Circuit 60 minutes avi/mp4
Video 9 Max Interval Plyo 55 minutes avi/mp4
Video 10 Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs 50 minutes avi/mp4
Bonus Video 1 Max Recovery 34 minutes avi/mp4
Bonus Video 2 Insane abs 40 minutes avi/mp4
Bonus Video 3 Max Interval Sports Training 57 minutes avi/mp4
Bonus Video 4 Upper Body Weight Training 52 minute avi/mp4